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Omnibus Insight Reports

Based on thousands of grades and well-informed comments from expert intermediaries, our reports score and rank competing insurers on their handling of new business enquiries, underwriting capabilities, documentation, quality of cover, renewals and claims handling, as well as price competitiveness, online quote and bind capabilities, business development support and overall market leadership. Based on a powerful combination of primary data, detailed broker commentary and background knowledge, our reports give a detailed, up-to-date picture of insurers’ competitive abilities in an expanding range of industry specialisms.

Is your service up to scratch? What are your – and your competitors' – strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities? Despite best efforts, internal research often ends up telling you what you want to hear. Highpoint’s standard reports tell you the frank truth, as your brokers experience it.

Tailored Reports, Bespoke Consultancy

All broker input to our studies can be segmented by region and size and type of broking firm, enabling us to provide insurers with performance scores for their various service centres, or compare satisfaction levels for small independents with, say, those of national and international firms. Although each individual respondent’s input is strictly and absolutely confidential, we can if required separate results from insurers’ priority brokers from those of secondary commercial importance to them.

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